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College Student Alyssa Funke Commits Suicide Following Cyberbullying Over Porn AOL 5/22/14

Alyssa Funke, a straight-A student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, committed suicide April 16th after being bullied and harassed online over her choice to appear in pornography. Local police have said they don’t plan to press charges against anyone who taunted Funke.

Funke, 19, had recently appeared in a porn film at the website CastingCouch-X., after former classmates from her high school in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, discovered the video, they began sending her abusive messages through Twitter and Facebook.

Alyssa’s means of supporting her education was not the norm. However, it was no excuse for the bullying.

Lizzi Velasquez found a YouTube video of herself on the internet labeled the world’s ugliest women, 8 seconds and 4 million hits. She suffers from a rare disease that prohibits weight gain and can see with only one eye. She is upbeat and has done a number of YouTube videos and a TED program. She was bullied almost all her young life.

The 19-year-old Alyssa and the now 25-year-old Lizzie had different approaches to life and being bullied. Alyssa, despite her beauty, appears to have had a troubled childhood and suffered from depression and poverty. Lizzie’s parents treated her as if she was a normal girl and to act and live as if she was a normal girl. She now preaches that each of us pick our life path and make our life choices. Each of us can choose to be happy or choose to be sad.

Alyssa was beautiful on the outside and found herself ugly on the inside. Lizzie was told (and was viewed by many) that she was ugly on the outside. Aside from not believing it she found herself beautiful on the inside.

Each of us chooses to be happy or each of us chooses to be sad.

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