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A capon (from Old French chapon) is a cockerel or rooster that has been castrated to improve the quality of its flesh for food and, in some countries like Spain, fattened by forced feeding.

Capon is produced in France, in many regions, notably Gers and Jura regions. It is a specialty of Bresse (Chapon de Bresse), where it has its own appellation to differentiate it from other capons from other regions. In Bresse, it is exclusively produced from the Bresse blue foot breed (pate bleue), and fed a certain diet which makes it even more tender than from other regions and breeds, making it the world’s best, most sought after and expensive chicken. (Wikipedia)

This time of year I feel like a Capon. Kathleen, Cathy, Margaret, Susan, Nancy, Linda, Judy, Vikki, Laura, Claudia, Theresa, in the office and Selise, Denise, and Shirley from their homes, are all working on Medicare cost reports. I am the tough old bird who gets (and enjoys) reviewing all the cost reports. I love all the hens. I have not actually done a cost report since 1993 and that one was not completed as Tom Nicholas took it away from me in our mutual frustration (DOS was giving me fits). Tom is still around to provide technical support and a sympathetic rooster ear.

The forced feeding aspect is working well. At this time of year and until the end of May we stock the office with goodies; cookies, chips, nuts, fruits, sodas, ice teas, chocolates, have a group lunch every Friday and stock the kitchen with lunch (and dinner) fixings during the month of May. The Boyd & Nicholas, Inc. tradition continues with Simione.

I am a happy (but seasonal) Capon.

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