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Bully Bully

During my school years from 7th to 12th grades I was a bullied, lonely kid. It drove me to attempt suicide when I was 17. I hated high school and most everyone there. I understand being bullied and having a bullied kid go crazy and cause harm.

I had thought briefly of calling in a bomb scare to an early class reunion to cause the party to break up, not to hurt anyone. I never attended a reunion and never will.

Years later I ran into two of the guys that were among the bully boys. I learned one lost his dream job of being a fireman due to drugs and booze. The other seemed to be unhappy with an unhappy wife and kids. I felt sorry for both and we even had one paint our house.

I found it ironic that they talked of high school as being the good old days. Whereas, I thought I was living the good days; existing with Nancy & kids, and work that I loved (even before Boyd & Nicholas, Inc.)

I still try not to think of those years. The bitterness is gone and I am at peace because I forgave my high school classmates, and also myself. I learned in later years that bullied kids often feel guilty, as if they deserved the abuse and their low self-esteem.

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