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Bridgeway Funds

I first noticed this mutual fund family in 1994 (now 11 mutual funds) because they were one of the first and still rare mutual funds that practiced social responsibility for themselves (as opposed to social responsibility investing).

“First and foremost, we care. We care about putting investors first. We care about performance, integrity, and the world at large. Second, we believe a great philosophy is only valuable when it’s applied to the real world…with execution and results.

Bridgeway is also distinguished by its culture, which features:

A non-hierarchical organization that stresses process and results over titles and status. No partner is permitted to make more than 7 times the total compensation of the lowest paid partner.

Adherence to the principles of stewardship as demonstrated by our avoidance of soft dollar arrangements. We seek to be guided solely by the best interests of our investors.

A commitment to service reflected in the donation of 50% of investment advisory fee profits to charitable and non-profit organizations.

We believe our strong and principled organizational culture coupled with our disciplined investment process promotes our ideal of performance without compromise.”

In 2010, Bridgeway was named as the #4 best medium/small company to work for by the Great Place to Work Institute. In their annual report for FYE 12/31/12 two of the fund managers talk about their work with charities, encouraged and allowed by Bridgeway.

And you don’t see a tie in any of their pictures; my type of place for sure.

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