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Toyota MR2 Spyder
TEBTOY with Tom and Nancy

The convertible is a 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder. I bought mine on 5/8/00 while I was having my midlife crisis and the plate reads TEBTOY. From personal experience I can vouch that it was more fun and cheaper than a blonde and treated me better.

My baby has less than 75,000 treasured miles on it. It saw a lot of cool days along the north coast of California and rarely used for business or commute. Hard to say but my knees and back are older than my heart and all suffer getting in and out of TEBTOY. The Kia Soul (nickname Little Red) was purchased last Thanksgiving and my wife loves it. I like it but my heart and love is with TEBTOY.

It is silly to have three cars or so I am often told. It is silly to have three cars my soul does believe. The 3rd car is the grandkids wagon, a Honda Pilot SUV. TEBTOY and I will soon part ways. I will take her along the coast and go visit a lighthouse or two before the end. Strange, bad knees, bad back and one kidney I can accept easier as a result of getting old(er) but I will miss TEBTOY.

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