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Boyd got religious

I have never been one to push religion and in fact have resented people that are overly enthused in pushing theirs. One of the things I have liked about my business associate is that despite his firm and strong beliefs he rarely brings up religion unless appropriate to our discussion or if I bring it up. My wife is catholic, my brother is Mormon (as is the next president) and friends are Jewish, Church of Christ, Lutheran, atheist and more‐‐‐and more power to them and all of us in our beliefs.

I have become a listener of Joel Osteen and greatly like and appreciate his positive outlook on life thru Jesus Christ and God.

His themes include;

1. Don’t speak ill of others 2. Don’t speak ill of yourself 3. Tell yourself how good you are and believe it 4. Appreciate others 5. Be kind to all 6. Do the best you can 7. Be open to change 8. Run your own race, compete with yourself not others 9. Have the right perspective 10.Stay passionate about life 11.God does not make mistakes, you are not a mistake 12.Be positive, think positive, speak positive

In my life I have often been depressed and melancholy. It has been a struggle, not always successful, to avoid the escapes of drugs, alcohol, migraines, and suicide.

Give a listen to Joel, it should not cause conflict with your beliefs and it could improve your attitude on life and your feelings about yourself and the world. Listening to a cheer leader does bring cheer.

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