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Anne Frank...Perspectives for us ALL Still Today

I came across the story of Anne Frank recently, as told by the group Beaches of Normandy Tours. It was told a little differently, with historical context, photographs, and insights that do not often accompany the intimate details of the original first hand account.

I am struck every time I read her story; however, this time, I found it resonating in new ways. I have included their introduction and a link to the full article.

As you read it, does what strikes you?

The diarist girl in the attic

Anne Frank

Anne Frank (Photo: Anne Frank Fonds Basel)

"Exactly 89 years ago, on July 6, 1942, a Jewish family went into hiding to escape Nazi persecution in the occupied Netherlands. The younger of the two daughters, blessed with writing talent, kept a diary of their 761 days there, the time they spent together before the Nazis found them. Her name was Anne Frank and today her diary is considered one of the most powerful testaments to the persecution of Jews."

Continue Reading....

Link to Full Story:

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