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Ann-Margaret and Jane Fonda

Most Vietnam Veterans love Ann-Margaret and despise Jane Fonda.

Ann-Margaret went to Vietnam in 1966 (a trip were she came under fire) and again in 1968 as part of the Bob Hope’s USO Christmas show. She never spoke out against the war nor did she speak in favor of it. She referred to the vets as “my guys” and “my boys” and they were and still are. Bob Hope Ann Margret 1968 USO

There is a heartwarming story about Ann-Margaret honoring a Vietnam vet that meets her at one of her book signings. The story is true and was confirmed by Snopes.  Ann-Margret received the Bob Hope Excellence in Entertainment Award.

Jane Fonda, aka Hanoi Jane, is so hated and despised for her having visited North Vietnam in 1972 and being photographed sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. Pictures and films of her laughing and visiting North Vietnam military personnel and sites have contributed to the intensive dislike of her. Her comments, on Vietnam radio, were that the soldiers were war criminals and should be executed.

The hate of her and the anger is such that a story on the internet has her engaged in betrayal of the POWs while she was visiting them in Hanoi. One of the men named in the original rebuked the story as not being true. . Despite the denial you can still find the story circulating among veterans and veterans groups. Her apology, which is more focused on apologizing for her Vietnam photos than her words, has not been accepted.

Most Vietnam Veterans love Ann-Margaret and despise Jane Fonda.

I am a member of the MeToo movement.

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