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A Love Story

September 10, 2013 / Boyd & Nicholas

Recently I watched Doctor Zhivago, the 1965 big hit, for the first time. Zhivago is a poet and a doctor with a wife and a mistress. At one point he literally is going back and forth between the two as they live close enough to do so. He has a daughter with each that he never sees. When circumstances happen that would allow him to seek each lady, and their children, he does not do so. And this is supposed to be a love story?

A Love Story, book and movie, was panned by many in 1970 as being too “sappy” with romance and emotions. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They get married. She dies, He grieves. This is life and is, and will be repeated many times be it Nancy and Tom, Roy and Joyce, Bob and Ingeborg, Barry and Ruth Ann, Aaron and Jeri, Colin and Lisa, Pat and Lynda, etc., etc… And it is sweet, sometimes bittersweet, and always nice.

I love a Love Story.

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