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A Couple

by Carl Sandburg

He was in Cincinnati, she in Burlington. He was in a gang of Postal Telegraph linemen. She was a pot rassler in a boarding house. “The crying is lonely,” she wrote him. “The same here,” he answered. The winter went by and he came back and they married. And he went away again where rainstorms knocked down telegraph poles and wires dropped with frozen sleet. And again she wrote him, “The crying is lonely.” And again he answered, “The same here.” Their five children are in the public schools. He votes the Republican ticket and is a taxpayer. They are known among those who know them As honest American citizens living honest lives. Many things that bother other people never bother them. They have their five children and they are a couple, A pair of birds that call to each other and satisfy. As sure as he goes away she writes him, “The crying is lonely” And he flashes back the old answer, “The same here.” It is a long time since he was a gang lineman at Cincinnati And she was a pot rassler in a Burlington boarding house; Yet they never get tired of each other; they are a couple.

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