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  • Tom Boyd


When you can say the words that are not listened to But keep on saying them because you know they’re true; When you can trust each other when all men doubt you And from support of other women make old words new; When you can wait, and know you’ll keep on waiting That you’ll be lied to, but not sink to telling lies; When you know you may hate, but not be consumed by hating And know that beauty doesn’t contradict the wise;

When you can dream – and know you have no master; When you can think – let those thoughts drive your aim; When you receive desire and abuse from some Bastard And treat both manipulations just the same; When you hear every trembling word you’ve spoken Retold as lies, from a dishonest heart; When you have had your life, your body, broken But stop, breathe, and rebuild yourself right from the start;

When you can move on but not forget your beginnings And do what’s right no matter what the cost; Lose all you’ve worked for, forget the aim of winning And learn to find the victory in your loss; When you can see every woman struggle – to create a legacy, for after they are gone And work with them, when nothing else connects you Except the fight in you which says: ‘Hold on!’

When you can feel the weight of life within you But know that you alone are just enough; When you know not to judge on some myth of virtue To be discerning, but not too tough; When you know that you have to fight for every daughter Even though you are all equal to any son; When you know this, but still fill your days with laughter You’ll have the earth, because you are a woman!

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