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  • Tom Boyd


Life, a new day is beginning

It’s time to start living

Come on, be happy

Life, starts with a feeling

It’s part of believing

In each other

Life, live it completely

Living is easy

If you find it

Time, come on in

I see you back again

Where you going now

I thought you’d know somehow

Life, it’s just what you make it

You can’t just take it

Without giving

You see now life

Life is within you

So live each day

And then you begin to

Live your life

Cause life is within you

Written and sung by Rick Nelson

Interesting to this Rick Nelson fan is that this version of the song is not the official version recorded on his album. The above was changed by him for his 1972 TV appearance and I find it to be more optimistic. is the official recording and are the related words supposedly written as he was considering suicide.

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