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7 Things

7 things you may not have known about me.

1. Tried suicide at 16 and thought about it a few times before the birth of my daughter when I was 28. Never since.

2. In 2002 Boyd & Nicholas, Inc. was 15 minutes from bankruptcy.

3. My kidney cancer is a blessing. It caused B&N to become part of Simione in 2014 and my greater appreciation of wife, family, friends and life.

4. Even at my age I sometimes regret not becoming the CPA my mother wanted me to be or the army officer I thought my father wanted me to be. Ironic in that neither event would have changed our relationships.

5. I can’t help but feel that I failed my kids as none of them completed college. I believe their lives would be better had they done so.

6. I deeply regret my treatment of Susan, the first love of my life. We should have talked about Elaine.

7. I am scared of retirement. Is there life after work? My thinking, my readings, my social interactions are mostly within the work arena.

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