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  • Tom Boyd

535 Idiots

I believe we have elected 535 selfish idiots to congress. Every one, regardless of political party, has failed the country.

1. They want to cut Medicare; of course, they have a separate health insurance program.

2. They want to cut social security; of course, they have a separate program.

3. They want pension reform; of course, not including theirs.

4. They have mandated health insurance for all without providing funding. The national average hourly wage for personal care attendants (PCA) is $9.49. The PCA deserves and needs health insurance. The Medicaid program is a major source of payment for the services of the PCA. Beginning next year the ACA requires many of the PCAs be provided with health insurance and at the same time the payment rates for the Medicaid services will be decreased again. Employers will either stop providing services to the Medicaid program or among other options, consider reducing the PCA work week to less than 30 hours a week.

Used car salespersons usually are viewed as the least ethical and honest people. Move over dudes, we have 535 idiots that want to sell us cars without wheels and motors.

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