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  • Tom Boyd

22 to 2

We started the election campaign with 22 candidates:  20 men, 2 women, 17 GOP, and 5 Democrats.

19 were or had been elected public officials; governors, senators and congressmen. These 19 had over 300 years of public service among them. They represented the best and the brightest of what this country had to offer. All 22 believed they had what it takes to be president and a belief that the county needed them for the job. That is to be admired.

The political experts will be talking for years about the process and reasons we came up with the two candidates that the two major political parties have given us as choices.

Regardless of who or how it got started or the reasons some people believe it to be necessary to engage in violence. I am saddened by the physical attacks on protesters and the attacks on those attending campaign events. In most counties we have seen fighting in the streets between opposite political groups. Now we have joined them.

I use to read with some amusement the news media reports of politicians physically fighting in the halls of their congresses; Latin American, Pacific Rim, European–most every region you could and can read where that has occurred. The last and only time this happened in the USA was in 1856 when a southern congressman beat a northern senator over the head with a cane for a speech the senator had made. Should we look for something similar in the coming years?

Regardless of your political belief be at peace with the fact that others will disagree with you. And don’t carry a cane.

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